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GenAir 100% Oil Free Hybrid to Major Food Manufacturer

Another of our 100% Oil Free Hybrid Compressors delivered and installed at a major food [...]

GenAir Provide Compressors for Scottish Power from Waste Plant

Genair have recently provided three of our 850cfm mobile diesel compressors to a client carrying [...]

GenAir Supply 100% Oil Free Compressor to Midlands Confectionary Manufacturer

Genair were recently called upon to supply 100% oil free air on an emergency basis [...]

Two Diesel Mobile Compressors Supplied to Major Car Manufacturer

GenAir was contacted early on in the morning at approximately 07:00 with an urgent request [...]

GenAir hires mobile compressors into Ireland

GenAir have recently been awarded a contract to hire four XAHS186 diesel mobile compressors and [...]