Supporting Compressor Sales and Service Customers

GenAir Oil Free Air Compressor

In addition to the many end users we supply rental compressors to, whether industrial customers, drillers, construction companies or pipeline testers to name a few we also support a large number of compressed air sales and service clients. Late afternoon on a Thursday a sales and service company called the GenAir hire desk after their client, a precision manufacturing company in the North West, had a compressor failure halting production and could GenAir help?

The requirement was for a 100% oil free compressor, essential for their production process, and a GenAir hybrid drive oil free machine was dispatched from GenAir’s West Midlands depot. Initially configured to run on diesel – in this configuration these machines are the most efficient 100% oil free compressors available in the market – full production was restored on site that evening.

Switching to Electrical Power

It subsequently became clear to customer’s engineers that the client’s existing compressor system was beyond repair and the GenAir hybrid machine would be required until replacements could be installed. Given the lead time on replacements the hybrid machine was connected to the clients electrical supply, delivering the same performance as in its diesel configuration but at a significant saving in running costs.

At GenAir we don’t sell compressors or service contracts for compressors, when a client calls us about rental for job such as this one in the North East they can do it without worrying that renting from us is providing leads to a sales team in competition with them. We’ve spent 15 years developing what we believe is the best compressor rental offering in the UK, selling compressors isn’t what we do.

For more information on how GenAir can support your compressed air rental requirements call our hire desk on 0121 505 2134