Oil Free Air Compressor Hire

oil free air compressor rental


GenAir have been focused on proving the best air compressor rental service possible since our founding in 2005. In 2020 we offered our first oil free air compressors. Designed and built by us to fulfil the demands of the compressor rental industry they are 100% oil free class zero compliant. These compressors have been a great success seeing service in the food, pharmaceutical and petrochemical industries. Covering breakdowns, routine maintenance and special projects.   

In 2024 we added 1680cfm electric drive compressors to our oil free fleet. Again this oil free air compressor model was designed by us based on our experience operating the 830cm hybrid drive compressors and feedback from our customers.

As well as the oil free air compressors our hire fleet includes the dryers, hoses and other ancillaries required to the get them to work.  

1680CFM 150psi electric drive.
Stackable for reduced footprint
Fully weatherproof enlosure

830CFM 150psi hybrid diesel or electric drive
Stackable for reduced footprint
Fully weatherised enclosure.


More than Just Oil Free Compressors

 It’s not enough to have the oil free air compressors and the associated ancillaries. At GenAir we have the infrastructure to support them. We operate 24/7/365. Our hire and service desks are always covered. We don’t just answer the phone any time, we have around the clock driver and engineer cover and we operate our own transport fleet.  

If you call us at 3am because you need to get an oil free compressor onto your site to cover for a breakdown we really can get the wheels in motion immediately. If you have a machine on hire from us and need support, we’re always there and we operate out of three depots in the West Midlands, the South East and Scotland.

GenAir Is The UK Oil Free Air Compressor Rental Specialist.

As a complete package we are peerless. No one else has the combination of the oil free air compressors, the engineering technical expertise to install and support those compressors and the transport infrastructure to deliver them where they need to be, when they need to be there. 

We offer the most flexible and responsive compressor rental service in the UK. It’s what we do and we constantly strive to do it better.