Our Compressed Air Hire Fleet Expands Again With Two New Models

We’ve Started 2024 with the addition of two new models. Both air compressors designed by us based on our experience operating the UK’s largest compressed air hire fleet.

Building on the success of our 830cfm hybrid drive oil free air compressor we’ve designed a pure electric drive 1680cfm oil free compressor. Occupying a similar footprint to out hybrid drive compressor it sacrifices diesel drive for double the air flow. These compressors are aimed to meet the demand  from pharmaceutical and food production customers in particular and within 48hours of the first machine being tested and ready for hire it was on site in the West Midlands. 

1680cfm oil free air compressor
On hire within 48 hours at a food production facility in the West Midlands

The second model added to our hire fleet is an electric drive 1200 cfm high pressure compressor .  

This 25 barg (262 psi) compressor fills a gap in our range of electric drive compressors with the first high pressure offering.  There has long been strong demand from industrial customers of for electric drive air compressors, they’re able to take advantage of the more efficient running costs because they have 3 phase power on site.

Increasingly we are seeing demand for electric drive compressors from construction customers who don’t have mains power on site but do have a single large generator providing power to the site reducing the number diesel engines in use. This reduces their emissions and is also more efficient – even the most advanced diesel engines are only around 55% efficient, losing almost half of the consumed energy to heat. An electric motor can be 90%+ efficient.