The Largest Air Compressor Hire Fleet in the UK Is Getting Bigger.

GenAir air compressor rental Fleet

GenAir operates, by any measure, the largest industrial air compressor hire fleet in the UK and possibly in Europe. With over 500 individual air compressors in the hire fleet ranging from 120cfm to 1150cfm with both oil injected and oil free air compressors the combined output of the hire flee is almost 250,000 CFM. Not only do we have the most compressors we keep our fleet up to date with all of our diesel compressors meeting low emission standards for use in cities such as London and all can be run on HVO fuel.

Demand for these compressors has grown steadily throughout 2022 and in order to meet this and maintain our service we’re adding another 92 diesel drive air compressors to the GenAir hire fleet. The new additions will all be Tier V ULEZ low emission compliant and road towable  260cfm400cfm and 850cfm air compressors on order. They will also be complete with intercoolers, water separators, include spark arrestors and over speed protection making them safe for a variety of applications from drilling to petro-chemical sites.

20 each of our 260cfm, 400cfm and 850cfm air compressors are being added to the GenAir hire fleet.
The 260cfm, 400cfm and 850cfm air compressors being added to the GenAir hire fleet.

The Biggest And The Best

GenAir hasn’t just built the largest air compressor hire fleet in the UK we’ve got the infrastructure and systems properly operate an support it. We have our own transport fleet ranging from 4×4 vehicles to deliver single road towable air compressors to Hiab equipped HGVs for our larger compressors and ancillaries.


Part of the GenAir transport fleet
Part of the GenAir transport fleet


With systems in place to track the location and servicing schedule of our air compressor rental fleet, our own transport fleet, team of engineers, 24/7/365 cover and three depots in the UK when our customers place an order for the rental of an air compressor they can be confident it will arrive where it needs to be, when it needs to be there and ready for work. In the event of a problem with one of our air compressors our customers can be assured that an engineer who knows the compressor will arrive on site to get it up and running. 

Our hire fleet, infrastructure and systems are the result of 15 years of constant development and our service, just like our hire fleet, keeps on getting better.