2022 Marks the Fifth Anniversary Of The Opening Of GenAir’s London Depot

Delivery of air compressors to London site

This year marks the fifth anniversary of the opening of the GenAir depot in Ivor near Slough established to serve our clients renting air compressors in London. The site was chosen for it’s proximity to the M25 / M4 interchange giving great access into central London.

The London air compressor rental market has some unique challenges that at GenAir we have addressed with more than just a depot to service the city.

In the five years that we have operated a depot to serve London we have seen significant growth of our client base in the city. Working closely with our London clients we have developed our fleet to meet the unique challenges of the London air compressor rental market. Our diesel air compressors in our London depot meet or exceed the requirements of London’s ‘Low Emission Zone’ for Non-Road Mobile Machinery with Stage IIIB, Stage IV and Stage V air compressors available as required.

At GenAir we have also developed a 400fcm electric drive air compressor which only all weather electric drive air compressor available to rent. These compressors are uniquely suited to the needs of our clients in London where 3 phase electricity is readily available on sites. Not only are these air compressors ideal for meeting ever more stringent emissions regulations they offer significant savings in the running costs over diesel equivalents, are quieter and, because they are zero emission, can be used indoors. For sites with access issues we have a road towable mobile configuration.

Going forwards GenAir will continue to build on the experience of the London air compressor market offering the best possible service to our clients and continue to innovate to provide the best air compressors available to meet the unique needs of London.