GenAir’s New All Weather 120cfm Electric Drive Compressors Being Built

GenAir 120cfm electric air compressor

In preparation for the coming changes to fuel duty which will see the effective end to red diesel for most sectors, including construction, GenAir have added a new machine to the hire fleet.  These electric drive 120 cfm (2 tool) compressors are unique to GenAir. Built inside an all weather enclosure designed by us they have gone through extensive testing and officially joined the fleet in November. 


120cfm electric build
120cfm all weather electric compressor being built

Suitable for a wide range of applications these machine have been designed specifically with city centre construction sites in mind. Where power is available these machines represent a saving in running costs over diesel powered compressors and from April that saving will increase significantly. 

The GenAir designed enclosure takes the heat out without letting the weather in

With first few of these new compressors already all on hire we’re now building a further 70 machines between now and the end of the year with more to be added to the fleet in 2022. 

The technical spec and a data sheet can be found here or you can call our hire desk on 0844 775 0890.