More Equipment Added To Our Compressor Hire Fleet Every Week.

GenAir 850cfm air compressors hire fleet

We posted last year that we had ordered 92 new air compressors to join our expanding fleet. These have been arriving since December – the compressors we hire are built to our specification with features such as water separators and spark arrestors being standard features across our fleet and aren’t just off the shelf. 

In recent weeks new equipment has been arriving thick and fast. As well compressors we’ve taken delivery of new fuel bowsers, air receivers and the other ancillaries a compressor hire fleet needs. 


GenAir 850cfm air compressors hire fleet

Two brand new 800cfm compressors, fuel bowser and air receiver, checked by our engineers, decals added and loaded for delivery.

GenAir 850cfm air compressors hire fleet on site

and on our customer’s site installed and ready to use same day.

The new compressors we added to our fleet were in response to increased demand and in anticipation that this would continue and this has been the case. The new compressors haven’t been left standing any longer than it’s taken our engineers to carry out their checks and attach the GenAir decals before they’ve been out on hire. 

In the next few weeks we’re also adding a new 900cfm electric drive compressor to our hire fleet. 

New GenAir HIAB equipped HVG

As well as equipment we’ve added more vehicles to our fleet including 4x4s  to deliver our road towable compressors and a new HIAB equipped HGV. 

Our fleet will continue expand as we go forwards both with additional numbers of our existing compressors and with new machines we’ve selected or designed to meet the needs of the UK compressor rental market. GenAir has the largest air compressor rental fleet in the UK and we are committed to providing the best compressor rental service in the UK.