GenAir’s Electric Drive Air Compressor Hire Fleet Expands

Electric air compress compressor rental

At GenAir we have been at the forefront of developing electric drive air compressors designed specifically to meet the needs of the rental market. We designed and built the first hybrid diesel – electric drive air compressor, our 830cfm Class Zero oil free and the first ever fully weatherised electric drive compressors with our 120cfm and 400cfm machines. 

From the end of June our range of electric drive compressors will include our brand new 900cfm units. Designed and built by us these fully weatherised compressors will open up more opportunities for our customers to benefit from electric drive compressors for their application without having to find space for them undercover. Whether that’s industrial customers, construction sites or urban geotechnical work, where there’s sufficient power available these zero emission air compressors can be put to work. 


Constant Air Compressor Innovation

Since the founding of GenAir we’ve put responding to our customer’s needs at the centre of what we do. We hire the compressors our customers want, not the compressors we happen to have. Later in 2023 our electric drive compressor fleet will be expanding further with another oil free compressor and also a high pressure machine.