Why We Don’t Sell Compressors

GenAir 400cfm diesel air compressor

At GenAir we’re often approached by customers looking to buy compressors, whether that’s people who want to buy a compressor they’ve rented from us or an entirely new enquiry. The answer is always no. There’s a variety of reasons for this.

First and foremost we’re a compressor rental business and although on the surface it might seem like there’s a lot of cross over, the challenges of sales and rental are quite different and they conflict with each other in a number of ways.

Most compressor sales companies have arrangements with only one or 2 manufacturers as a local dealer for those manufacturers. We select the compressors for our hire fleet based to deal with the rigours of the rental market and their flexibility to meet the needs of the different rolls they have to work in. We’re not tied to any manufacturer, we’re free to choose compressors that meet the specification we need from any manufacturer and if there isn’t one, design our own. Dealer agreements could impact that freedom.

We also work with a number of compressor sales companies, whether they rent a compressors from us themselves to install on their customer’s site, -whether to cover a breakdown, or because of the potentially long lead times, to cover while they wait for a new machine to be delivered – or send their customers to us to organise the rental directly. It’s not hard to see the conflict. If we also sold compressors these rentals represent sales leads. We’d be competing with our rental customers for sales.

At GenAir our entire focus has been developing a compressor rental offering. In 16 years we’ve become the operator of the largest compressed air hire fleet in the UK and we believe the best. Our fleet, our service and logistics are the result of constant innovation and evolution. We don’t believe that anyone can offer you a better service than we do. There’s companies out there that have put similar work into developing compressor sales and if you want to buy a compressors you should speak to them, we can even put you in touch with some. If you want to rent an air compressor, speak to GenAir.